Important Information

The following information is taken from the Biology Syllabus (with one exception, see LATE WORK below) and can be used as a reference if any questions arise regarding the policies and procedures that guide Mrs. Shaw's Classroom

Student Concern/Issue                      Policy or Procedure (as outlined in syllabus)

LATE WORK                                      Accepted for full credit until the last day of the unit, then

                                                          it is 50% maximum score until the end of the semester


Rationale: Labs are the only graded assignments other than unit tests, so we have made an 

POOR TEST SCORE               Students may do retakes and score up to 80% if certain   

                                                         conditions are met (see details below)

Rationale: Quizzes are short, formative evaluations of a student's level of understanding. They are used to inform the student on what ideas and concepts they are strong in, and which ones may need reinforcement. They are just "checkpoints for understanding."


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